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Director's Profile

Prof. G.R. Maheshwar

  »  Management Trainer

  »  New Age Trainer

  »  Success Coach

  »  Conference Speaker

  »  Visiting Professor

  »  Spiritual Teacher


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impact foundation

Impact Foundation is a Professional Firm offering Training Services for Excellence in Management, Soft Skills and New Age Skills. We offer Corporate and Open House Programmes in areas of Personal Effectiveness, Professional Effectiveness, Managerial Effectiveness and Organizational Excellence.

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Impact Foundation has been striving with the noble objective of empowering People and Corporate bodies for Success in this highly competitive business world by using Management and New Age Techniques.

With the strong belief that Empowered People and Enlightened Practices are the keys to Success in this ever changing world, we have designed and conducted innovative programmes which proved to be highly effective in developing Effective Communication, Visionary Leadership, Team Spirit and a Sense of Balance and Well Being leading to higher levels of Efficiency, Productivity, Commitment and Excellence among the employees in various Public and Private Sector Companies. Founded and managed by highly qualified professionals in both Management and New Age Sciences like N.L.P, Meditation, we have been able to satisfy our client organizations successfully since inception. To Name a few, we have conducted programmes for M/s. NTPC Ltd, Centuary Fibre Plates, Sandvik and Smith Asia, HMT, APCPDCL etc.

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